Growing RIA Revenue To More Than $16K Per Month With Twitter

Twitter is one of the easiest social media platforms to grow your following and business on. Unlike LinkedIn, Twitter is more authentic—which means, it could unlock a treasure trove of new clients to your business.  That said, I’m the furthest thing from an expert on Twitter. That’s why I invited an actual expert onto today’s episode: Thomas Kopelman. 

In this episode, Thomas reveals how advisors can leverage Twitter, and make more than $16k per month from Twitter alone.  If you’re not using Twitter, or not landing clients from Twitter, this episode might just be the most profitable thing you listen to all year. Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to curate your social media feed so it helps you grow your business (without driving you mad) (3:13) 
  • The dirt-simple 3-step plan to 8x your Twitter followers by this time next year (6:04) 
  • How to unlock a brand-new revenue stream—to the tune of $16,000 per month—by simply sending out a few tweets per day (even if you don’t have a lot of followers) (7:34) 
  • The weird way spending 90 minutes a month creating tweets can result in a surge of new clients (14:53) 
  • How tweeting even “basic” knowledge can cause of meteoric rise in booked meetings with qualified prospects (24:48) 
  • The “Employee Jedi Mind Trick” for making it almost impossible for your clients to part ways with you (33:17)