Getting the Attention of Your Prospects Is Going To Get Massively More Difficult!

I have some great news about #AI and #chatgpt as it pertains to sales: almost every traditional way of trying to get the attention of your prospects is going to get massively more difficult!


That’s right, now everyone has the ability to easily send more worthless crap to our prospects on social media and through email. This is great news…for me.

The delicious irony for me is this: with the continued drive toward automation on every possible platform and the ever increasing amounts of email being sent that won’t be read…#referrals become even more powerful.

The reality is that referrals, done well and consistently executed within a predictable and measurable system are, without question, the best and most preferred way to get clients. I don’t need to explain this to you…you already know it.

The even better news is this: as automation increases the value of a referral introduction exponentially increases. Buyers and prospects will have even more fatigue than ever before when it comes to badly executed sales automation (99% of it). And yet, throughout history, referrals keep working and they always will.

The secret is having a system that is proven and that works. This is what I have done for decades and will continue to do until I die. Referrals, for me, aren’t just the most efficient and effective way to grow my business…they are the best way to reflect how much I value human beings in the way I do business.

If you are a financial advisor or a business owner lets start a conversation about how you can pivot away from more spam and less effective sales results toward what you have always known works better and now have a guide to make it predictable.

If you are still reading I have a request for you. Please share this with a business owner and/or financial advisor you know. There is a tremendous opportunity for them to get personal as their competition goes the opposite way.

Btw, there is no easy button for any form of marketing that you can trust. Referrals require discipline and systems that are agile and client focused. They are, however, much more rewarding for you and your prospect.

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