Follow-Up Distinguishes the Top Producers From Those Who Barely Succeed

Jim was shocked I called! But his message online asked that I do call along with providing several reasons for doing so. This incident explains the truth about our business environment reality and the reason why not too many succeed in sales.

Some factors that distinguish those able to advance their career or succeed in sales and business are:

  • Motivation to continually learn and improve
  • Willingness to fail and try again
  • Follow-up at the designated time.
  • Wherever I go, I hear mumbling and misgivings about the need to follow-up with prospective clients or hiring managers. The problem is that when the phone connects, frequently the next step is to hear the slamming of the receiver on the other end. Consequently, most people are reluctant to follow-up.

    It’s a spiral downward without follow-up. Prospective possibilities fade away leaving little in the pipeline. Without an active pipeline, it becomes necessary to find new work. An added consideration is to find suitable work that does not require follow-up.

    Without practice, the better results are unlikely. Turning the perspective upside down, consider what will happen should you decide to continue with follow up. Over time, your approach improves as will your results. In the end, follow-up won’t seem so bad; in fact, as you continue to succeed, you may begin to enjoy the follow-up!

    The Challenge

    Should you be one who is reluctant to follow-up, take this challenge: For one calendar quarter, promise yourself to follow up every working day with as many people as possible. When prospects suggest you do, specifically ask, ‘Which date and what time would you like me to do so?”

    The question alone demonstrates you are serious. One added step to incorporate on your follow-up call will encourage a sincere dialogue. Upon hearing the person’s voice, remind them they asked you to call back on this date and time, and then inquire if it’s still good. Credibility is now yours.

    Are you one to follow the advice of prospects, “call me later?” Examine your thought as to why this may or may not be the case. If the latter, think about how your result may improve if you were to take another approach.

    Follow-up distinguishes the top producers from those who barely succeed. It’s worthwhile to take the challenge to heart and consider the following: Is three months of testing the merits of follow-up a worthwhile project; why or why not?

    Make a list of all the people still in your database with whom to reconnect. Encourage yourself each morning to make those calls. Brace yourself for the fact that the first few may not go well. It’s the practice and the routine that will soon make the first few as easy as the last few. Pay careful attention to how the conversations progress and what may be learned.

    The question becomes, is this just a three-month challenge – or – will you make the follow-up practice a habitual routine? Become the one who is driven to succeed!


  • The night before each working day have a fresh list of those with whom to follow-up.
  • Schedule follow-up calls for first thing in the morning to get them out of the way.
  • Get your adrenaline flowing to transmit energy in your voice.
  • When someone hangs up, tell yourself you are one step closer to finding an interested party.
  • Notice which verbiage gains the most traction.
  • Don’t script anything but be familiar with the high points to get across.
  • Listen to questions asked of you, answer accordingly, and ask for further questions.
  • Take notes to put into your database.
  • Ask for an appointment at their convenience to discuss matters in-depth.
  • Celebrate Success!