Financial Professionals Use Duct Tape To Get Appointments

He got more appointments than ever before from his event. His first event generated 100% appointments from nine couples attending. His second event generated 70% appointments from ten couples attending, and his third event generated an 80% appointment rate.

These were his best returns ever and it was all due to duct tape.

Engaging women has far-reaching benefits even when speaking to couples, but you have to know what to say. Many of my clients are estate planning attorneys who focus on the women’s market. Most use Response Mail (RME) as their direct marketing partner and use their estate planning presentation as their core event to attract new clients.

One attorney in just two weeks after working with me generated the best results ever by making a few minor changes to his presentation. He simply focused on the women in the room; it can be that simple. The invitation process was working. He was receiving good response, and getting close to 20+ participants at each event, most of whom were couples.

So what changed and how did he get better results?

He focused on women. From the moment the presentation began, he explained that he was focusing much of his efforts and this presentation on the women in attendance. He shared statistics. The statistics reinforced why women need and deserve more focus and attention.

1. He used his personal STORY. His personal story explained why he was so committed to women. Later in the presentation, he shared his wife’s personal story about why women need to become more involved. (We helped him develop and refine his personal story as well as his wife’s personal story.)

Then we took his presentation to an entirely new bold level…

2. He addressed the men. During the introduction he said to the men in the room “You are dead. From this moment on you can’t think for your wife, make comments, or guide her. For this exercise you are dead.”

3. Then he addressed the ladies. “Ladies, your husband is gone and now you are in charge of making every financial decision for your family; he can’t help you, you can’t ask him any questions, etc.” The attorney continued, and then asked the women a few questions about things they would have to address if their husband passed away. He then asked, “Are you really ready to take charge?” You could see and feel the discomfort in the room from both the men and the women. The process was electric.

4. He clarified the process. He then explained the process. “This is why during much of this presentation I will say, “Men you are dead, ladies I want to hear from you. Because you ladies need to get comfortable making these decisions on your own.” Then came the clincher…“In fact, ladies, if your husband has trouble giving you the floor (the attorney held up a roll of duct tape) you have my permission to use a piece of this duct tape to remedy the situation.”

The audience roared but, more importantly, they got the message.

By simply making the women feel they are truly important, by creating a situation that forced the men to feel the tension and discomfort in the women, and by making fun in a bold, but friendly, way this attorney built an alliance with every woman in the room. THAT motivated just about every couple to schedule an appointment.

The Moral of the Story: Men want their wives involved, and women want to become more involved. When you can share that message in a fun and engaging manner, you win the interests of both men and women.

And all it took was a piece of duct tape to cinch the deal.

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