Financial Advisors Need More Clarity Around Their Future

The number one thing advisors are looking for is clarity around their business for their future. They have a good sense of where they are going, but then face the challenge of achieving their goals because they seem to change, as the industry changes. With all of the regulatory, technology, and product pricing changes, it is no wonder that advisors need a deeper sense of clarity around their future.

How Do You Get More Clarity?

Let’s start by examining a simple list of your business goals. Just for fun, take this simple checklist below, and check off the goals you want to accomplish in your financial advisory practice this year.

Goals Based Business Planning

____ Lifestyle - Retire / slow down / Take more time off

____ Ideal client acquisition acquire more HNW clients

____ Ideal service processes – Deliver more value

____ Segment – More time with ideal clients

____ Time management – work on business more

____ Valuation know the value and how to increase

____ Marketing and branding – Creating a clear value promise

____ Delegate – Team to do more / outsourcing

____ Hiring – Expanding team / associates partners

____ Communications Become a thought leader

____ Products – change the business model and products/ services

____ Conversations – Practice critical conversations with ideal clients and master

____ Planning – written business plan / marketing plan / marketing calendar

____ Business – Investment / opportunity / firm

____ Career – education / courses

____ Leadership – Firm or industry leadership roles

___ Less transactional clients

___ More revenue per client

___ Build a deeper Client acquisition process

___ Build a stronger Ideal client experience process

___ Implement Better technology

___ Delegate more and hire more staff support

___ Get better support from strategic partners / dealer / MGA / providers

___ finally complete a Succession plan in writing and file it away

___ Plan my Transition in writing

___ Travel for business – attend conferences

How many goals do you have for you and your advisory practice? Most advisors I speak to, their goals have changed in the last 3 years. Have your goals changed? Maybe it’s time to update your business goals.

Practice Management Can Help Your Financial Advisory Practice

The average advisor has 6 or more business goals. That is where practice management comes in. Speak to a practice management expert, branch manager, mentor, or coach to help you benchmark your practice so you know where you stand. Then prioritize your business goals, and help you implement strategies to accomplish your business goals. Take this simple checklist, print it out, and the next time you have time to work on your business, use this list as a guide. Share it with your team, your spouse, and other advisors, to help you. Go for it and remember what Albert Einstein said: “ The only source of knowledge is experience”. Find someone to help you who has the experience to help you achieve your goals in this great industry.

What is holding you back?

I get it. There is not enough time in the day. My compliance is not allowing me to market more. I need more staff. I have too many clients. I need help with acquiring more clients. Until you admit that the only thing holding you back is you, you will be searching don roads of information only to find they never end. How do you get out of your own way? "There are three things extremely hard: steel, diamonds and to know one's self" Benjamin Franklin. What can happen when you get out of your own way? Who can help you get out of your own way?

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