Financial Advisors: Let More Ideal Prospects Find You!

Don’t find more ideal prospects let ideal prospects find you, as a valuable financial advisor

 What would you give to an ideal prospect? Think about this for a minute. What would you offer them and expect nothing in return? What are they not getting from their current financial advisor or financial institution?

What are your ideal prospects not getting?

We know that they are not getting the attention or communication that they deserve. For the last 40 years, the number one reason why clients leave is not because of performance, but lack of communication. Read this blog and you will see how often you should communicate. Besides communication, what else are they not getting? Let me ask you a few questions. Are they getting clarity around all of their goals ( 4-6 goals or more) mapped out on paper? Goals-based planning in a comprehensive way, updated on a regular basis as goals get accomplished and goals change. The number one thing ideal prospects want is clarity around the future.

What else would be valuable for an ideal prospect?

How many ideal prospects are completely organized in all 7 areas of their financial life? And or business life? Tax, estate, investment, risk insurance, debt and cash flow. Are you completely organized in all seven areas of your financial life? Do you have a comprehensive plan that covers all 7 areas and all of your goals? These are questions that start to engage the wealthy prospects for one simple reason. They don’t know they are not getting these types of conversations and advice, do they? They have an advisor and say they are happy. Where do you go from there? How do you engage them and make offers with something you know they are not getting, but may not value? What would be valuable to them?

Great question? Great conversations great offers? 

It starts with having multiple offers, multiple questions that lead to potential conversations. How you make your offers is the difference between success and failure in engaging wealthy prospects. What would you offer an ideal prospect and expect nothing in return? Start with great questions in the form of an offer. The offer is to have a deeper conversation of value. It can also be a tangible offer, such as a valuable book, organizer, guide, or checklist. What does your ideal prospect find valuable that you give in return for nothing? “The more value you give, the more valuable you become” Grant Hicks CIM September 2020

Write down your valuable offers, turn it into a valuable conversation, and start asking ideal prospects. Remember it’s not you, it’s their money issue when it comes to timing. They are not putting you off because of your offers, they don’t have an urgent or pressing money issue when you contact them. It takes time. Read my blog on timing your marketing and offers.

How will they find you?

When you have something valuable to offer, expecting nothing in return, your prospecting becomes easier. All you have to do is get your message out through regular communications and conversations on a regular basis to clients, prospects centers of influence. You become a great messenger, with emotionally compelling questions. Getting on the phone and asking people your great questions on a regular basis over and over and you will start to discover people will start to repeat you great questions and ask other people they know. What are your valuable questions? That is when people will start to find you, as a valuable financial advisor.

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