Don’t Handle the Objection: Eliminate It!

One of the best things about sales is that you already know what all the objections are.

For every sale, there are only about five core objections: price, think about it, talk to someone else, etc., and then some outliers you get less frequently.

But overall, you know what’s coming. So, why not eliminate, in advance, your top one or two objections?

Here’s how:

If you’re qualifying a prospect to pitch later, and you know that price is the biggest objection you get, then qualify for it so you’re not ambushed when you get to the close.


“Ballpark, what is your budget for this?”

And then:

“And do you have that budget available should you like what you see during our demo?”


“Our solution is adaptable to most budgets, and runs anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000. If you like what you see next week, is something like that within what you have available right now?”

I’m sure you can come up with other budget related qualifying questions, but the point is that it is ALWAYS best to qualify for this objection in advance so you don’t waste 45 minutes + pitching only to find that they can’t afford your solution.

If you are dealing with a customer who buys their products from another vendor, then ask:

“Who are you getting that from now?”


“I’ve certainly heard of them, just out of curiosity, what keeps you coming back to them?”


“What would it take to earn a portion of your business?”

You get the idea here. It’s ALWAYS better to qualify out an objection before you get it. Take some time this week to script out ways to qualify for and overcome your common objections before they ruin your sale.

Remember: You can’t close an unqualified lead!

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