Do You Inspire Your Audience?

Many years passed for me to finally realize our gift is not fitting in with the crowd, but in standing out, and often, standing alone. It takes courage to be different and continue our unique path as everyone else makes pronouncements of the worst kind. The willingness to proceed alone will help leave the nastiness behind and gradually experience a different scenario. We learn to perceive all of it as our gifts in disguise.

The worst blows against me helped me to sail in a very different direction. I learned to use the negativity of all types as the motivators to continue and prove, ‘Yes, I can!’

A complete surprise came my way from the World Leaders Magazine asking permission to include my story in the Special Edition, ‘World’s 10 Most Influential Business Leaders Making A Difference In 2021.’  You may find my story on pages 44-45.  

Nine other leaders share their stories and provide ideas of how you may also inspire your audience. I suggest that you consider reading the magazine for insights you may not already know.  

Complementary to the magazine, today’s blog provides insights on how you may ultimately inspire your audience by giving examples of what I found helpful through the years. The first notable lesson was being highly successful in my initial entrepreneurship to suddenly face a market free-fall and sadly needing to take a secretarial position.

Learn From The Best

For about a year, I worked for an advertising genius who created memorable ads for his clientele and theirs. I asked for his secret to his success. The answer was, ‘Write as if you are having a cup of coffee with your best friend in your kitchen while enjoying laughter over your worst mishaps and best stories.’

Continue Learning From The Best

Being the only woman on an all-male sales team and not permitted training, I registered for the three-month-long Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Class. They, too, promoted sharing stories. I tested the theory with prospective clients as a newbie in the corporate sales world. 

The practice worked sensationally well. I became the top producing sales representative by the fourth month, although I knew nothing about the printers I was to sell!

Shred the Scripts

Prospective clients want to know you, not the words you memorize. BUT to target what they want to know, get to know their perspective first by asking questions. The best sales starter question is to ask, in your own words, ‘You must be so busy, what caught your attention to meet-speak with me today?’

Believe In Your Well-Being and Success!

A severely broken neck had me on a stretcher in E.R. when two visions came to me. The first indicated I would become a speaker – something I have always wanted to do ever since the training. The second showed that my time is now to begin helping communities at large. I vowed to do my best to motivate, inspire, teach, and encourage audiences to continue going no matter the situation.  

The events that night convinced me I would heal well. However, the surgeon indicated he did not believe I would be well. Speaking up and sales skills saved my life. The medical staff on duty referred to me as ‘The Walking Miracle.’

Believe In Yourself When Almost No One Else Does

Humiliating laughter by about two hundred people upon hearing my announcement of being a sales trainer, one person took me aside to give me stellar advice. She advised that I write a book. My phone wasn’t ringing, so I had nothing to lose. I captured every awful corporate story to put into the manuscript. The publishing house entitled it, ‘Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building that Gets Results.’  

Women globally were experiencing similar discrimination, and they gravitated to my book. It quickly became an International Best-Seller. The media attention was stellar, including a write-up in TIME Magazine and an interview with Christian Spencer on ABC-TV News. Years later, men began reading the book, too, and it is now Evergreen – a rare achievement.

Inspire Your Audience

As an intuitive salesperson, I had much to learn about marketing, branding, and social media. Upon becoming an entrepreneur in a new era, I worked with the best to learn from them. Most also shared that the key strategy is to continue sharing your core story and new experiences.  

Due to discrimination repeatedly, I created my blog and stuck with it. My dedication to learning and asking for help continued to help increase my audience and credibility. It became known as a Top Sales Blog, while I was named a Top 1% Influencer by Kred.

Expand Community Service to Inspire Your Audience Further

Being of service first, and collaborating second vs. solely being competitive, is the secret game-changer for becoming a person of influence. I never forgot the heartache of my early experiences. Accordingly, the dots now connect, enabling me to serve Inclusion Allies Coalition devoted to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  

Embrace Your Gifts In Disguise

Without the awful experiences, I would never have accomplished as much as I have been able up until now.

Do You Inspire Your Audience?

Unless you are highly unusual, it’s highly possible you also have experienced ugly commentary and gloomy predictions. I encourage you to spend time this coming weekend to reflect on the incidents that stand out most in your mind.  

Consider the following:

  • Why was each experience hurtful?
  • Did you accept the hurt or take another path to move forward?
  • Do you believe in what others tell you, or do you believe in your passion and purpose?

Passion and Purpose

The two ‘P’s’ are the essence for finding success on your terms. Without either, it is unlikely that you will achieve what you desire. Pledge to regain (if need be) the desire and motivation to continue your journey to achieve what is long-held inside of you. 

“One of the differentiators for success is living life without regret.

My parting words per the story are,

“Believe, Become, Empower.”

Sales Tips: Inspire Your Audience

  1. Strive to get to know the experiences of others.
  2. Be welcoming of people of varying backgrounds, ethnicities, and locations.
  3. Inquire how you may be of assistance and generously offer your help.
  4. As you learn from those more advanced, share the insights to inspire your audience.
  5. Commit to learning every day.
  6. Be flexible with ideas to give thought to the unusual.
  7. Revise strategies as times change.
  8. Review your business plan to see if you may enhance it.
  9. Add your deeply held desire to your business plan to make it happen.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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