Do You Feel Obsolete?

As you advance in your career and new technology takes control, the question arises, do you feel obsolete? 

The question I ask does not relate to age as it does to remaining up to date with our specialties.  Age is just a number.  It is as easy to be out of date at age 50 as it is in later decades.  How we choose to use our time and expand our thought is up to each of us.  More factors come to light as we recognize how we view ourselves. Our silent plus verbal communication will influence how others see us, too.

Accordingly, we may take time to review the steps we took for advancing our careers.  Experiences and the stories taking us by surprise may attach themselves as we reminisce. Whenever a smile appears, reexamine the incident.  It just might lead the way for the next journey. 

For a long while, I was seemingly ahead of the curve, the opposite of feeling obsolete.  Being a pioneer corporate saleswoman and then an early entrepreneur, I began using social media upon first hearing the announcement.  The new platform was exciting because it enabled me to meet people worldwide and interact with those who hold similar values.

One day we moved across the country, leaving everyone and everything we knew behind.  Social media and my blog allow me to continue my work.  I received invitations to a few in-person groups, but one by one, disappointment set in. My experience or ideas were of little interest to anyone. Conversations were, at best minimal. I began to feel obsolete in person, but it is all relative.  Online, my networks always continue to grow.

Twitter is another resource for the news.  It was shocking to see the recent prediction that Silicon Valley may well become a ghost town.  Was that an exaggeration?  Days that followed revealed that  is Oracle leaving the Bay Area, and a sizable group of Apple employees are heading for North Carolina. It’s questionable what will become of the prominent companies still there, left with empty campus buildings.

Originally from the Bay Area and keeping in touch with those I know, taxes and living cost have reached astronomical proportions.  Accordingly, it’s challenging to attract and retain employees.  Affordable housing is almost an unknown.

Staying tuned into social media keeps me abreast of new developments and how they affect business.  Connections continue to expand, and the right offers are now appearing.  Whereas in-person gatherings had me feeling out-of-date, my content is helping me move full steam ahead.  Exciting collaborative efforts are beginning to unfold, modeling the idea of one world.  The people whose work I share, and who share mine, are globally located. 

Due to my online presence, I was previously rated a 1% top influencer by Kred.  And this month, to my grand surprise, they created a profile page for me:  It is the shining light that encourages me to update my product line. 

More than ever, job seekers need to know how to move the conversation forward and influence the decision in their favor using sales skills.   Remote sales professionals can use extra help with the sales process and increase their possibilities. 

Removing all doubt or feeling obsolete, I recognize the need to ramp my effort to help more people.  The light that shone brightly was due to introspection.  When we concentrate on wanting to improve our effort,  our focus becomes sharper than ever. It now feels that instead of feeling obsolete, I jumped to a new plateau.

In short, three tips serve to help:

  1. Introspectively decide what holds importance for you
  2. Revise your current thinking and work
  3. Dream big and reach out to those who think similarly

We are reading about BIG change regarding how we do business. Remote work for many is here to stay. The factor to consider is how you may leverage your at-home work to make it satisfying and well worthwhile.

Review all of the options available to you and relate best to what you enjoy doing and want to accomplish.

Consider the following:

  • How does the news affect business in general?
  • How can you change your business or career for the better?
  • Which steps do you need to take to advance your endeavor?

Now make it a habit to return to those questions every week until you have firm answers.  It may be a good idea to take a few courses to expand your knowledge or hire a coach to help pave the growth path.  Also, check-in with peers and close friends who you trust.  Exchange insights and potentially help for one another.

As you consider a possible new direction, pay attention to grooming and growing your networks.  The broader array of experience and viewpoints can prove highly valuable. LinkedIn is a tremendous resource for connecting and being up to date via the articles posted about our world’s happenings. 

Opportunities unexpectedly arise when we are willing to reach out and connect, plus entertain ideas differing from our own.

Sales Tips:  Do You Feel Obsolete?

  1. Remain on top of the news to reflect on how it affects business.
  2. Research the efforts in progress of significant corporations.
  3. Think ahead to how advances in high tech will change society.
  4. Adapt your work to our changing times.
  5. As you adapt to the new, ensure elements you enjoy are in the plan.
  6. Finding enjoyment will increase your motivation.
  7. Connect with those who inspire and motivate you further.
  8. Create or join a group to exchange experiences and broaden your goals.
  9. Freely make introductions to encourage reciprocity.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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