Bigger Goals = Bigger Results

What do you expect to accomplish this year?

Think carefully, because nothing (in my experience) is more predictive of results than mindset.

Mindset determines the actions you take, how you deal with adversity, how much you use good selling skills (and how much you invest in them), and how you adapt to the changing conditions around you.

And a lot more!

Example: I’m working with a coaching/consulting organization right now that has many related companies in their portfolio. Each company is engaged in the same business, uses the same model of attracting and getting clients, and all have the same goal: to maximize their portfolio of clients and grow their business.

One of the companies does it the best, and it’s no secret why:

  • They aggressively market across all appropriate and available opportunities;
  • They have the largest staff of inside sales appointment setters (while the majority of the other companies don’t have any!);
  • They have specific, aggressive goals for the acquisition of business (and I mean, really big target revenue goals);
  • They invest in sales training for their team.

This top producing company has drilled into every employee at their firm the expectation of greatness, and they aggressively pursue that goal—and they attain it.

In other words: They think BIG, and they act BIG.

This week, review your own thoughts, feelings, expectations and goals. Compare them with what you would ideally like to accomplish.

Then think bigger.

Invest in books or audio books on goal setting, visualization, and the law of attraction. The Secret is a good place to start if you haven’t read it.

But know this: Thinking determines your results. If you haven’t yet achieved what you desire, then it’s up to you to change your thinking first.

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