Are You Willing to Move Beyond Impossible?

Our personal lives and global society interconnect when we are willing to look beyond ourselves to contemplate the question, ‘Are you willing to move beyond impossible?’ We often read that the worst obstacle is within each of us when we feel sorry for ourselves and unable to see beyond what may be possible. But, when we muster up the courage to reflect, meditate, and explore all possibilities, we become willing to move beyond ‘impossible.’

Finally, I realize that there is much truth in recognizing the value of ‘the company we keep.’ It’s not just about making business connections for sales development. Our relationships are to bring value to our everyday lives. Instead of the thought, ‘I’d rather spend my time elsewhere,’ we look forward to being in the good company of others. The only way I could see to move beyond the impossible was to change my environment. 

Working alone and feeling misunderstood is more common among many than we realize. For that reason alone, it was of great interest to agree to a new connection with Indra Bartona, the creator of the Positivity Vibe Tribe on Twitter. The theme of the dynamic group is to attract those you want to become your friends and allies. Upon being asked to select a topic related to her YouTube Channel, ‘Attract Your Tribe Affirmations’ caught my attention. Immediately, I realized how far I have come and the further help I may provide.

I readily accepted the generous offer to be a guest for an interview on behalf of her group. The audience insights also let me know I am in excellent company. You may listen to the replay by clicking this link.

Seek Inspiration

A few insights that I share in the interview are:

‘Hold a daily meeting with yourself to reflect on what you did well and what you will improve tomorrow.

‘Serve communities to attract better connections and the ability to move beyond impossible.

‘Whether for business or personal matters, only move forward with those holding similar values and ideals.

The theme of today’s story is that when we confirm with ourselves what we want and our ultimate vision, we are more likely to achieve it when we surround ourselves with similar-minded people. One last point that may be difficult for many is to do a personal cleansing. Upon taking in all the new and better events surrounding me, I took one last step to moving forward with a smile. I recently closed previous chapters of my life that held me back longer than I care to admit.

It’s best to distance ourselves from the people in our life who are holding us back from becoming the person we desire. Doing so helps us achieve a positive mindset and move full steam ahead. My previous blog post, ‘The Best for Last,’ was written with pride as I move forward. Upon making our commitment to seek out the people who hold similar beliefs in what we strive to achieve, we are more likely to accomplish our ideals. 

Model What Is Possible

Throughout world history, the people in society deemed to be the weakest or less deserving proved, many times over, to be victors in fighting for their freedom. It requires an admirable strong leader to empower the will in others to assist in the fight. A heartbreaking story was heard on the news. An 86-year-old gentleman survived two concentration camps during World War II to then be able to live a new life in Ukraine.  Sadly, today’s war ended his life. Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s strength motivates citizens to remain and fight for their freedom.

Another outstanding example of qualifying and matching our connections brings about revelation beyond what we know. I was introduced to Marta Lopushanska a few years ago, and it was fortuitous. Only yesterday did I come to realize her remarkable and inspiring journey. Her story appears today, by Dan Rodricks, in the Baltimore Sun News.

The article states that with only $80, she left Ukraine in 1999 to enter the United States and begin anew. I encourage you to read Marta’s highly inspiring story to realize what we can each do when we are willing to move beyond impossible. Today, Marta is giving back to Ukraine via online donation assistance from the public.

“Tomorrow is a blank canvas, begin painting your future today.”

Evaluate where you are today and where you envision yourself in future long-term arrangements. Will you:

  • Originate an unspoken arrangement with the people in your circles?
  • Do they reciprocate in friendship and support for you?
  • How will you modify with whom you connect?

Should your answer regarding helping one another be, ‘not really,’ it may be time to move on. But if the answer is, ‘yes, we support one another to grow in our endeavors,’ then give the group the energy it deserves.

During your daily meetings with yourself, reflect on what you did well. But also consider all how you may improve your efforts, change habits, and restructure how you proceed. The last element is to deeply consider which change in the world will mean the most to you.

Upon recognizing what will carry the most meaning throughout your life, begin creating a plan to make it happen. Then research to connect with the people who may hold similar ideals. The process will help you move beyond impossible in the most significant way.

It’s a rare gem to be among supportive and helpful people. Acknowledgment of the group will help you move beyond impossible and provide you with the need to reset your long-term vision.

Sales Tips: Are You Willing to Move Beyond Impossible?

  1. Anything is possible when we are willing to give a project or vision our all.
  2. Seek out the support necessary, such as a friendly conversation or technical help.
  3. Intuitively monitor the reception others provide and the offers they make.
  4. Review each day and concentrate on the tiny matters you find troubling to discover ‘the why.’
  5. The minor issues can lead to a disaster, or you can avoid them with proper focus.
  6. Find companions willing to openly discuss what is on your mind and theirs to help find a solution.
  7. Encourage others to do their best and accept the same even when it may sound annoying.
  8. Track your progress from start to where you are today.
  9. Realize which achievement excites you the most and how you may expand upon it.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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