Are You Sharing Your Story to Increase Sale Possibilities?

Should you be struggling with sales although you are doing everything as trained to do, there may well be a missing piece.

Most training will walk you through a routine to apply to everyone you meet. But not all people are made the same and certainly do not think alike.

The goal then becomes learning who each person is and to let it be known who you are and hopefully find a meeting of the minds.

People want to know you before they know what you sell

At the very beginning of my sales career, I was hesitant to share anything personal while in business meetings. But public speaking lessons changed all that, plus it changed the outcome of my sales effort for the far better!

Today, I had an occasion to meet with a highly accomplished individual. Our experiences are worlds apart. But being seasoned sales professionals, we began our conversation with social updates. Each new sentence prompted both of us to mention one more experience we have in common. Our presumed thirty-minute meeting lasted for two hours!

There was magic in the conversation as we found we have so much in common. More amazing is that we are of different nationalities, generations, and professional focus. We both hold the viewpoint that eliminating judgment to seek out the widest perspective first is our secret to sales success. And it all boils down to sharing similar values and thinking. The same applies to interviewing for several jobs to find the best-qualified match.

As the conversation moved forward, both personally and professionally, we recognized the right people we may introduce to one another. And we came to an agreement as to how we may best help one another. Without the social aspect of the conversation, we accomplish little. Sharing our stories draws attention to who we are and pinpoints how we may best serve one another. Should these tips be insightful, please watch the community intro video and consider joining our newly launched Smooth Sale Community.

You may be reluctant or too modest to share your story with business contacts. The point to remember is, by getting to know one another better, more doors of opportunity open. For example, if you are one to sell computers and all you talk about is hardware, no one would think to introduce you to an organization or group of great interest to you.

By letting others come to know you, your interests, and how you chose your career, a unique bond builds with those who think similarly. Having these types of conversations encourages further introductions along with enthusiasm to buy from you.

Do You:

  • Convey how you chose your career,
  • Seek out common interests while in conversation,
  • As an entrepreneur suggest, you find ways to help one another?
  • Story-telling is one of your best sales strategies as it allows people to get to know you better. Given ‘people buy from people they know, like and trust’ story-telling accomplishes this. And when others welcome you into their world, doors open wide for a long-term relationship for business, referrals and glowing testimonials. Story-telling then extends into helping develop a solid brand and reputation.

    Sales Tips

  • Be congenial in sales meetings to learn more about the people you meet.
  • Give insight about you to those you meet.
  • Point out commonalities between you to further the conversation.
  • Short stories help to build relationships.
  • Funny stories win clients over to your side.
  • Enjoyable conversations promote further meetings and business.
  • Enthusiasm for your work encourages loyal clients.
  • Client loyalty gives way to testimonials and referrals.
  • The testimonials encourage a larger audience to speak with you.
  • Celebrate success!