Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to 2020?

Our anxiety-driven year probably has most of us ready to say goodbye to 2020. It is curious how lenient corporate will be on representatives who may not meet their quota this year.  Adjusting to remote work, additional responsibilities, and new ways of meeting with clients make it difficult to earn new business.  Hopefully, a reasonable conclusion to the year-end will be to the satisfaction of most.

The better news is that purposefully getting ready to say goodbye to 2020 will help alleviate some of the pressure.  One motivating force is to focus on what we want to accomplish next year and into the future.  As we figure out our short and long-term goals, then we can begin saying goodbye to the old and on with the new!

To this day, I excel in following up with clients.  I also check in with friends and fellow entrepreneurs regarding the introductions I provide.  The intent is to make sure it was of value and to continue doing the same.  Part of keeping our brand intact is in recognizing which people to keep in mind and those who no longer fit our criteria.

Kindness in our communications today is essential more than ever.  Upon checking in with people, I inquire about them and their families.  Given the holiday season is upon us, I ask if each can celebrate in some way.  Business is secondary.  Everyone needs someone to confide in or at least feel companionship. Trusting that we have their interests in mind, they are the ones to open the conversation to business matters. 

The unusual nature of 2020 also requires that we ask our prospects how and when they see business finalizing. It’s not to suggest that we offer a delay, but prepare to accept one should the request appear. An uncompromising stance for sales will most likely deter further business.  Empathy in our environment goes a long way for growing our loyal clientele.

However, second in line after compassion comes the topic of business. People like talking about their idea, plans, and thought for moving forward.  A good line of questioning includes:

  • How do you anticipate doing business in 2021?
  • Will you eliminate any avenues for business in the New Year?
  • How are your new projects taking shape?
  • Will you incorporate any of the new technology, such as artificial intelligence?
  • How may I be of further assistance?

A Conversation Example

Today’s example is that of the need to call another about a contentious matter. But for once, I took my advice.  I began the conversation by saying, I hope we may have a friendly chat; are you good with that? The gentleman said, Yes, I am!

We proceeded with a friendly tone, even though I was initially concerned. Personalizing the conversation helped enormously.  I asked about the area code to verify John’s location.  It turns out he moved; however, his family lives north of there to a town with which I have familiarity.  I said this is a good omen!  By the end of the conversation, we were working out a way to renew our working together. 

At the end of every communication, I wish people continued good health. Knowing that we have good thoughts for them in mind is always met with appreciation. 

After ending the conversation, I reflect on the high points of the meeting. Many times, I discover a new idea or strategy for moving forward.  Next, I determine how the thought will complement what is already in place.  It is the meaningful conversations with both clients and peers that can inspire and motivate us to continue going. Accordingly, I am one who is ready to say goodbye to 2020!

Are You Ready To Say Goodbye To 2020?

Sales representatives, you have a full month to drive business to a satisfactory conclusion.  At night, clean up your file collection and delete what is no longer necessary.  Review the client listing in your CRM database to ensure accuracy.  Delete any name that is no longer valid.  It is time to concentrate on the business that you will potentially earn.

Remaining in contact with clientele is lacking when the motivation is not present. However, with the right approach, it is possible to get back on track.  Doing so may be as simple as giving yourself a pep talk in the mirror.  Respectfully get in touch with every remaining prospect in your pipeline.  Whether or not you previously lost contact does not matter. 

What is of importance is that you let each know you are thinking about them. The empathetic approach works best.  Ask each person how they are coping and if they have holiday plans.  Some may go into more detail than you prefer but always listen carefully.  It is the heart-to-heart conversation that advances the discussion and outperforms the stricter sales approach.

Know up front that it is not possible to recover every account.  But without trying, you will never realize what you can accomplish.  In any year, there is always a minority of solid prospects that slip away for varying reasons. Focus on the ones likely to move forward, whether this year or next.  Ask what they need to consider conducting business with you.  Often you will hear the first-hand information you need to receive the formal agreement.

As an entrepreneur, December is the time for reflection and replacing the old with the new.  While it will still take time to get back to a seemingly familiar environment, begin strategizing how you may improve tomorrow.  Prepare yourself to say goodbye to 2020.

In your quiet time, consider:

  • New products and services that your clientele may use
  • Alliances that will enhance your visibility
  • Collaborative efforts to serve large communities

Tapping into our creativity and caring about others will empower and position us to say goodbye to 2020.

Sales Tips:  Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to 2020?

  1. Before initiating a call or meeting, ensure your energy is positive
  2. Maintain a positive mindset throughout the communications
  3. Pick up conversations where they were last left
  4. Show genuine concern for those with whom you communicate
  5. Ask how you may provide help
  6. Inquire about new developments for business
  7. Attempt to connect the dots between your work and that of your prospective clients
  8. Work with a better tomorrow in mind
  9. Encourage others
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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