Are the Riches Really in the Niches? Best Target Markets for Financial Advisors

“If I target a specific market, what about my current clients? And won’t I be missing out on other opportunities?

These are a few of the common questions that come up in the discussion about niche marketing and the best target markets for financial advisors.

While these are valid concerns, they are easily addressed.  Listen to this 35-minute podcast episode from Bill Cates to get the answers … and a whole lot more.

Whether you’ve never even considered narrowing your focus before, are looking for information on the best target markets for financial advisors or are already successfully implementing niche marketing in your business, there is something in this episode for you.

In this solo episode with Bill Cates, you will discover:

  • The 5 most prevalent, logical and overall best target markets for financial advisors to consider.
  • The 7 biggest benefits to pursuing a clear, well-defined, and lucrative target market.
  • The 5 critical characteristics of a viable target market.
  • 11 specific examples of what real advisors are doing right now to find riches in the niches.
  • Answers to the 3 most burning questions advisors have around this strategy.

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