An Applicable Political Lesson About Change

Regardless of your political preference, there are some important takeaways to consider after this week’s Democratic primary. However, the focus is less about the politics and more about the reality that dramatic change can occur unexpectedly and you (and your business) need to be prepared for it. 

The facts are that, despite being virtually out of the primary, Joe Biden still became the leader. The other candidates did little wrong and one even spent an estimated $500 million, but got very few delegates.

So, what are the lessons we can learn from this experience? 

Don’t expect high-risk change, but be ready in case it happens. One of Biden’s main target groups was black communities. The win in South Carolina was the result of many black voters in addition to the support for Biden from their prestigious congressman. 

Be inclusive and don’t expect change to just happen. Biden got all kinds of endorsements and immediately integrated them into his campaign.  

Focus on strengths. Biden and his endorsements played on his ability to unite the party and appeal to diverse Americans.

Don’t ignore luck. Everything went his way and he focused on the opportunities rather than circumstances. For example, he was appreciative, thankful, and positive rather than critical.

Whether it’s politics, business, or life in general—drastic change can happen suddenly and unexpectedly. The best way to brace yourself for any sort of impact is to consider all possibilities (while simultaneously accepting that there will, more often than not, be factors you didn’t account for), prepare as much as you can for all potential scenarios, be flexible in your reaction, and be willing to adapt to the new circumstances. 

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