An Alternative To The Good Old Boy Network in Financial Services

I knew I was on to something BIG when I titled my book The Keys to the Ladies Room. It doesn’t matter if I’m speaking to a man or a woman, a financial advisor or not; I ALWAYS get a positive reaction. The Keys to the Ladies Room is often referred to as a workshop in a book.  

Men are intrigued, and some make a cautious joke about “The Ladies Room,” and women perk up and want to know more.  As I share the book's purpose and message, both parties immediately engage in a fruitful discussion about financial services and readily agree a change is needed.

It’s not just the women who are tired of how business is done on Wall Street!

While women are becoming intolerant, even the men have grown weary of the good old boy approach and warrior methods of prospecting, but what is the alternative? When you stray from traditional methods in most major firms, you often feel ostracized or quietly considered a whack job.  

Let’s face it most people in the world are followers; the thought of breaking from the pack is scary and not worth the risks (so they think).

The few who believe in themselves (you know who you are) will transform the role of a financial advisor and change the methods of building a financial practice to become more authentic and relationship-driven, appealing more to women and the men who love them.

These fearless advisors recognize their principles and values far outweigh the opinion of the masses and dare to create real change, lasting change that serves their clients, the advisors, firms, and the industry as a whole. 

When I launched Keys to the Ladies Room, I knew the industry was ready; I just didn’t realize how ready. Financial Advisors are ripe for a new approach to the business incorporating both the experience and wisdom of men with the strengths and sensitivities of women.  When you combine both in building a financial practice, you will immediately begin attracting more clients of BOTH genders.

In the new model, the concept of “prospecting” is out, and “Relationship Building” is the new focus for filling your pipeline. “Selling” is gone, moved to the recycle bin, and “inspiring” is the new approach to presenting ideas and new opportunities. And “closing” well, we are closing the door on this bad boy and focusing on “motivating” our clients and prospects to do what is best for them.  

The femXadvisor model is the approach for the 21st Century: Building Relationships, Inspiring Others, and Motivating clients to do what’s best for their financial future – Out with the old and in with the new!

Done. Now You Know.

Do you feel the company you work for is inclusive? Do you feel like they could be doing more? Listen to our latest podcast episode, Battling the Boys Club with Jennifer Craig, RICP® Regional Director at Prudential, to discuss her journey from starting as a financial advisor at 21 years old to where she is today, 12 years later. As someone determined to change the environment for female advisors, Jen explains the new model she developed that leverages women’s strengths.