Advisors: Why Charging Higher Prices Is the Best Marketing “Hack” You Can Do

Most financial advisors don’t charge enough for one of two reasons:  Either their marketing machine isn’t up to snuff. Or they don’t feel comfortable with charging higher prices. 

But here’s the thing:  Charging more not only helps you attract better clients, but it also helps you serve your current clients better.  In other words, charging more is the single best way to improve every aspect of your marketing and business. 

In this episode, you’ll discover why charging higher prices is the best marketing “hack” you can do. And I reveal simple mindset tweaks which help you feel okay with charging more. 

Listen now before inflation eats more of your life savings. 

Show highlights include:

  • How inflation can steal your entire life savings (and the single best way to stop it in its tracks) (4:23) 
  • Why high prices are often the best qualification tool in your marketing toolbox (5:01) 
  • The weird way charging your clients too little can cause violent outbursts (7:39) 
  • The “Overbooked Airplane” method for making your clients thank you for charging them more (10:20) 
  • The “UVP” marketing trick for charging more for your services (without sacrificing the number of leads you generate) (14:22) 
  • How spending more money on silly material items automatically attracts higher quality clients (16:36)

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