Advisors: This Could Be Your Future, What are You Waiting For?

Let me take you for a quick ride into your future…

You have officially become a certified Women’s Wealth Specialist. Every time you open your mouth you are gaining more attention and interest from everyone you meet.  Your conversations with complete strangers quickly turn into fruitful engagements. Your meetings and calls with clients go to a whole new level. For the first time EVER when you speak people are really listening.

It feels so easy, and then you wake up.  

When you complete the Masters of Women’s Advisory training, when you develop your message, incorporate the process and begin sharing your new focus on women that’s exactly what will happen. But instead most advisors continue to fall back into the same old methods, process and routines hoping for better results.  

The foundation to our femXadvisor training is all about helping you develop your Compelling Intro and NO this is NOT an elevator script, far from it. There are many aspects and components involved in developing your compelling intro but when it all comes together it’s a game changer for every advisor.

A good Compelling Introduction is built around your tribal market and when executed correctly generates incredible results. Here are just 5 real life examples of how this process can impact your business:

  • Two minutes to make an impact: As a sponsor at a community event she had two minutes to capture the audience. She shared her compelling introduction that focused on women, and as a result her booth was mobbed with potential clients.
  • Same scenario better results: After attending the same networking event for years and not having much success in acquiring new clients much less referrals, a male financial advisor decided to approach the situation differently by sharing his compelling introduction that focused on women. To his surprise, immediately following the meeting multiple members reached out to him to schedule appointments.
  • Inspiring referrals: At a social event when asked what she did, she took a different approach rather than simply responding, “I’m a financial advisor.” Instead she used her compelling introduction and by the end of the conversation a gentleman approached her saying, “You need to talk to my Mom. Do you only work with women?” The conversations quickly lead to the gentleman scheduling an appointment with her.
  • Inspiring more introductions: After a client read her compelling introduction on the homepage of her financial advisor’s website the client commented, “I didn’t realize this is what you do, you need to call my friend who is getting a divorce.”
  • She Leaned-In: In a one-on-one appointment with a couple, the male financial advisor shared his story about why he works with women. As he was sharing his compelling introduction the woman simultaneously leaned in to fully engage herself in the conversation.  

As you read through my Sample Compelling Introduction below you will see it  contains 4 key components; a title that inspires more interest, a description of your tribal market that stimulates referrals, the 3 core issues that show your clients that you understand them, and your 3 tiffany box solutions that become the foundation to your practice and process.

Sample Compelling Introduction:

So what do you do?

I run an engaging wealth practice for women.

What do you mean?

Most of my clients are smart, capable women who have recently experienced a personal crisis. Their lack of financial confidence has left them feeling fearful and vulnerable. They are tired of feeling like a victim and want to take back control of their life.  These women realize they need to make their financial affairs a priority in order to go from a feeling of surviving to a place of thriving.

You know what is interesting… It doesn’t matter whether these women lost a spouse, experienced a divorce or for some simply moving into retirement they all come to me with the same three concerns!

What are those?

  • Am I going to be ok?
  • How do I rebuild from here?
  • How do I protect my future? (They never want to feel like a victim again)

 So what do you do for them?

As a result of working with me, together we will:

  • Create their Life by Design Plan, which gives them greater clarity and direction providing a clear path to the life they want
  • Build their Balanced Investment Strategy delicately integrating their desire for safety and income with their need for growth.
  • They become a part of my Thriving Women’s Club, a community of women and events that supports and encourages her journey to a life by her design

I share this real example freely because unless it is YOUR compelling intro developed based on who you are and your tribal market it won’t work. Using a message that is not authentically you will only create a negative impact appearing more as the old “Elevator Script” an empty shell with no substance.

Many advisors use the exercises in my book “Keys To The Ladies Room” as their guide in developing their compelling introduction but even the best advisors can only get so far moving through this process on their own. By participating in my MWA training they get that extra personal coaching to push their message to a whole new level that immediately generates the results they were hoping for.

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