Advisors, Remember: You Are Marketing to People


Market to people. An industry and a company are made up of people. Ensure that your message speaks to the individuals who will actually hear it.

If you have a B2C (business to consumer) business, then you are marketing to a very specific person. Hopefully, you’re very clear on exactly who that person is, so that you can hit the “bullseye” with your marketing.

But, if you have more of a B2B business, where you’re marketing to another business, it’s important to remember that businesses are made up of people.

So, while you’re talking about the problems that the business may face, and the opportunities that you may be able to bring to them, you must drill your message down so that it resonates with the specific individual who is hearing it. 

Just like with B2C marketing, the person hearing your message on behalf of their business has a relationship to those problems that you’re talking about.

Clearly communicating how you can help solve those problems, or take advantage of their opportunities, will also mean something to them personally.

Will the value you bring make their life better, or easier?

Will it help them to bring more value to their customers? 

The bottom line is that, regardless of whether your marketing is B2C or B2B focused – you are marketing to people. Because, remember … if your message isn’t immediately relevant, it will be ignored.

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