A Presentation with Legs for Women Financial Advisors

I have to share something that really annoys me about the financial industry. You see, most presentations or conferences for women advisors have no legs. I mean, there’s nothing worse than listening to a great presentation, getting all fired up and inspired, but then there’s no path to make it happen. Right? It’s like being all dressed up with no place to go!

A great presentation for women needs to provide the concept, the path AND the tools to success. I’m very adamant about creating a presentation that gives women advisors the legs so that she can move forward after the presentation. 

When I was a financial advisor I was very driven, I could listen to a great presentation and be so fired up but I needed a path to succeed. So if you only provided the inspiration but didn’t give me the tools to succeed I would become very frustrated.

A great presentation for women financial advisors truly needs to incorporate three important factors: 

  1. Concept: You need to inspire them but more importantly, you need to open their minds up to consider new paths, new ideas, new concepts that they have not yet thought of. You need to get this buy in at the very beginning of your presentation.
  2. Process: You need to share the process, give them a taste of what it will require and how you can achieve and accomplish this new idea and strategy. There must be a path available or the opportunity for those who really like this to make it happen. So, you might incorporate an exercise. If there’s no time in the keynote presentation, I highly suggest to most companies that you carve out another workshop for those that want to take the new concept to the next level and actually create something that they can walk away with. 
  3. Tools: There needs to be a next step for those that really love this concept that participated in your exercise to see how this will impact their business. 

Women want to be engaged, they want a step-by-step process and they want to know how to apply this new, exciting process to their business that gives women advisors the legs to achieve success.

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