A Honey Hole for Advisors Working With Business Owners Before They Sell

Welcome Zane Tarence to this episode of Disruption Blueprint! Zane is a managing director at Founders Advisors, a middle market boutique investment bank headquartered here in Birmingham, Alabama. As a boutique investment bank, they aren’t trying to be everything for all people. Zane helps run the technology practice for Founders Advisors, and he sits at the tip of the spear in this vertical.

The differentiator for Zane is that in addition to being an investment banker, he is also a serial entrepreneur. He’s built a couple companies on his own, sold several companies, and is absolutely fearless when it comes to disrupting his industry.

In this podcast episode, Zane discusses the game-changing conference that he started called “Silicon Y’all,” which focuses on highlighting the talent and companies being built in the southeast, as well as his book “17 Reasons Your Company is Not Investment Grade and What to Do About It.” He also gives advice about how the financial advisor world and investment banker world can blend together.

Join the conversation to hear about:

  • Introduction to Zane
  • The genesis of the RFG MasterClass series
  • One of the greatest opportunities for growth for advisors
  • The number one question company owners ask Zane
  • Questions advisors should ask business owners to get the ball rolling
  • Different pathways a company can take to monetize their wealth
  • How do financial advisors approach building the financial plan for these specific clients 
  • How does a financial advisor forge a relationship with an investment banker?
  • Tips on how advisors can present research in a content strategy in a way that makes sense to prospects
  • 17 Reasons Your Company is Not Investment Grade and What to Do About It
  • Don’t be afraid to get into the weeds
  • Zane’s new valuation tool
  • Work done specifically around logistics
  • What is the No. 1 thing an advisor should do after this?

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