7 Simple Things That Define an Audacious Sales Team

7 simple things that define an audacious sales team.

What defines a great sales team and the salespeople in it?

The number of products sold and revenue generated?


Products and revenue are the result of the sales effort; the more effective the sales effort the higher the economic return to the organization and the higher bonus for the salesperson.

Here are the 7 things that define audacious sales:

✔️ Taking a long term view of what the customer needs, not exploiting the moment and driving to make an immediate sale;

✔️ Creating an enjoyable experience for the customer, not using the engagement process as a platform to feed the salesperson’s ego;

✔️ Enhancing the relationship with the customer not not pushing products at them because of the sales quota in place;

✔️ Asking questions as the engagement priority as opposed to telling the customer what they need;

✔️ Respecting silence in the conversation rather than filling the air with the sales pitch;

✔️ Honouring integrity and honesty rather than bending the truth and doing whatever it takes to make the sale;

✔️ Achieving the outcome that is best for the customer which may not completely fulfil the personal agenda of the salesperson.

How do you know if a salesperson puts in an effective effort?

Ask their customers.

Here’s what they say about the standout ones:

— “I refuse to buy from anyone else.”

— “He is the only one I trust.”

— “I often go out of my way to create the sales opportunity for her.”

— “I feel guilty talking to anyone else about what I need.”

— “I don’t feel confident dealing with anyone else.”

— “I am ok to wait until they are available.”

— “I am quite willing to be inconvenienced in order to buy from them.”

— “I am thankful to have him looking out for my long term interests.”

— “I think of her as a close friend.”

— “I honestly believe he cares about me and what my problems are.”

— “They’re in it for the long term with me.”

— “She is always there to talk to me when I need to.”

— “They never push products at me.”

— “She is the best listener I have ever known.”

How many salespeople can claim their customers make even one or two of these statements?

In my experience, very few.

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