5 Driving Forces Behind Human Behavior That Can Get You More Clients

There are 5 driving forces behind all human behavior. And if your marketing doesn’t hit on one of these deep psychological triggers, then, well, you’ll always struggle with attracting new clients.  That’s why even the best financial advisors fight tooth and nail to find new clients. 

Here’s the good news: In this episode, I reveal what these 5 deep psychological triggers are, so you can apply them to your marketing, and never worry about landing more clients again. Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How studying fashion trends help you close more clients with ease (2:42)
  • McDonald’s psychological secret for building a multi-billion dollar brand (and how to apply this secret to your marketing) (6:20)
  • How to smash any objection prospective clients throw at you and earn their lifetime business (8:07)
  • The weird way being brutally honest about the downsides of your offer makes your dream clients more likely to work with you (12:28)

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