4 Proven Ways To Get Better in 2023

Want to make 2023 your best year ever?

I guarantee that if you just take time to follow the four steps below, you’ll make more money this year than you ever have.


Step One: Take time to carefully script out word-for-word rebuttals to the common objections you get repeatedly. You know you should do this, but have you?

If not, do it this week!

Step Two: Memorize your best practice responses.

Don Shula – the famous Miami Dolphin coach – once said that his players practiced, drilled and rehearsed their plays and techniques over and over again so they could internalize them and act automatically when they needed to. 

He said that football moves so fast that: “If you get into a situation and have to think about what to do next, it’s already too late.” 

Question: Can you honestly answer each objection you get with a best practice response (that works)?

If not, then record your responses onto your smart phone, and listen to them 30 to 50 times. 

Step Three: Record your calls.

You’ve heard this advice before, but are you following it?

If not, make a commitment and do it. Today.

Step Four: Be prepared to revise your rebuttals as needed. When listening to your calls, find ways to improve.

Can a rebuttal be shortened? Can you deliver it with a bit more energy? Or less energy? 

Never stop learning, critiquing and getting better. When you stop learning, you stop earning. The top professionals in any industry are always adapting, always learning, and always improving. 

You need to as well.

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