4 High-Impact Ideas for Financial Advisors for the Last 90 Days

You’ve got 90 days left. Here are four ways to make sure you don’t waste one of them.

So we’re down to the final quarter, and, believe me, as an Olympic medalist, I know it’s the final quarter that really counts. You have to decide what you’re going to focus on and really capitalize on that to ensure 2020 finishes as strongly as possible.

So, for instance, for me personally, over the next 90 days, I’m going to complete the first manuscript for my next book, Say It So It Sticks. Which, by the way, advisors who are working with us at Ash Brokerage are going to get previews of and some insights into the chapters, ahead of anybody else. So that’s my 90-day objective.

I’ve been talking to advisors about other ideas that they’ve got. I heard back from an advisor who had been on one of our webinars a couple of weeks ago, and she mentioned to me she’s going to be removing the offering of a second opinion on her website because she’s now learned the pitfalls that can happen from that. So that’s one of the tweaks that she’s going be making over the next 90 days.

Referral language—is this something you have to dial in?

“Doug and Heather, it’s been great meeting with you today. If you have friends or family who have questions or concerns about retirement, cash flow during retirement, or when to tap Social Security, have them give me a call. I’m more than happy to spend five or ten minutes answering any questions or concerns they have.

I don’t promise I’ll bring them on as a client because it’s got to be a great fit, but I’m more than happy to give them five or ten minutes of my time just to allay any fears they have.”

Is that the kind of language that you have to learn and get dialed in?

Kim Carpenter, who heads up our Client Experience Team at Ash Brokerage, has started off a fantastic webinar series called Seeds for Growth. It involves advisors who are beginning to work with us for the first time. We have a monthly webinar, and yesterday we discussed the idea of writing and sending a hand-written note to either referral relationships that you already have with CPAs or estate attorneys, or that you’d like [to have]. Here was the idea that we discussed: simply buying several boxes of Lära Bars and sending a handwritten note saying,

“Hi John,

Last week I listened to a great interview with Lara Merriken, the founder of Lara Bar. It was on the “How I Built This” podcast channel featuring creative people who pour their hearts and souls into businesses. It’s available on either Stitcher or Google.

We love helping and encouraging business owners here at ABC Advisors. I wanted to encourage you and your team during this final quarter and help you finish 2020 as strongly as possible. Enjoy the treats, and I look forward to talking with you in 2021.”

Now that might be something that you want to do and send them a box of Lära bars.

Sending Thanksgiving Day cards [is another idea]. At Christmas, a lot of people receive a ton of cards. By sending a Thanksgiving Day card, you’re going to get ahead of the pack. You can simply say something along the lines of,

“This year has reminded us to focus on what matters most, and we wanted to let you know how thankful we are for the relationship we share with you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we look forward to finishing off the year strongly with you and having a wonderful 2021.”

So is that just a note that you want to include for Thanksgiving?

Then, finally, sending out a copy of The One Thing. I am a huge fan of using this book, The One Thing ! I get it, I highlight it and mark it up so it looks like this, and I send it out to clients. You can buy a box of these on The One Thing‘s website. You can get 10 of them for $140, so $14 a copy. Mail it out to your Centers of Influence or top clients you enjoy working with, especially those clients who are business owners. It’s going to run your $14 plus postage, less than $20, and it’s a great way to ensure you stay top of mind.

These are great ideas for you to now begin implementing over these last 90 days. A lot of people are talking about getting to 2021 as fast as possible and forgetting what’s going on now. Don’t do that. You’re better than that, and people need to hear from you and hear how you help. So,

  1. Build a strategy. Put down two to three ideas that you want to implement over the next 90 days. If there’s one main one that’s going to take that whole time, then stick to that.
  2. Put down a plan. Put down the steps that you’re going to take and see through so you bring this plan to fruition and really benefit the most from it.
  3. When you’ve done this, put it in your procedures and policies manual to remember to do it next year. Don’t just have a wonderful burst of energy over these next 90 days and then never come back to it. Put down something that’s going to be useful to your business not only now, but in the future.

Know that you’re providing great value to your clients and great reasons for them to continue working with you.

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