10 Ways Intrigue, Inspire, and Motivate Women With One Seminar

One good seminar may be all you need to establish your brand, focus your efforts, bring in new clients, inspire more referrals and create new partnership opportunities all year. 

But your seminar can’t be a one-trick pony. 

A good seminar for women will validate that you genuinely care and focus on the women’s market and also provide you, the advisor, with many ways you can use it to intrigue, inspire and motivate more women

10 Ways to Use Our Savvy Women Invest On Purpose Seminar Program:

For women, the event presentation can’t be old school. Everything must be different to get the traction you want. 

  1. It must be engaging and meaningful, with thought-provoking questions; you want the women to do most of the talking, NOT YOU
  2. The environment must feel safe so women will talk and share, incorporating methods to create a sense of security.  
  3. The room should reflect women’s style creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, dark boardroom tables, and steak dinners, ahhhh! NO.
  4. It must be content they can relate to, showing them you understand their life and challenges; no more tweaking a man's seminar to speak to women.  

Our Savvy Women Invest on Purpose seminar program does all that and so much more!

  1. Your Branding Event: The presentation can become your consistent branding event. It's fun and repeatable, inspiring women of all stages of life. The objective is that every female client, friend, family member, and associate comes once. So they recognize that what you do IS different. 
  2. A Motivating Approach: It must provide a process that helps you promote and secure attendees, making them excited about attending while motivating them to take the next step and schedule an appointment with you. 
  3. Adaptable to Changing Times: The presentation fits into three distinct zoom presentations that are short, interactive, and continue to highlight your focus on women. 
  4. More Powerful Posts: Presentation content can be used in your marketing program, whether through nurture emails, LinkedIn or Facebook posts, or simply highlighting the value of the presentation. 
  5. Guest Speaking Opportunities: The Savvy Seminar can be adjusted to become a valuable presentation for small and large organizations positioning you as the guest expert
  6. Fun and Engaging: You want to deliver FUN, not dull; relatable, not preachy; interactive, and no talking heads.

The best way to leverage the Savvy Women Seminar is to commit to using it as your primary marketing tool for an entire year. Tap into all of the features and benefits, and soon strangers and friends will ask you, “What is this Savvy women thing that you offer?”

Done. Now You Know.

Get more leads today with our Savvy Women's Seminar and make marketing to women fun, easy, and highly effective! Learn more about our out-of-the-box seminar designed just for women clients here.

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