10 Things I Wish Financial Advisors Knew About LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a reliable source of high-value clients. But most financial advisors don’t make any money from their LinkedIn profile.  It’s not because they’re bad, but because they only post about certifications and their takes on the stock market. It’s what most financial advisors do, but it doesn’t work. 

If you know how LinkedIn really works, you can magnetize more prospects than you can handle. 

In this episode, you’ll discover 10 things you need to know about LinkedIn marketing that can transform your business and change your life.  Want to get more clients on LinkedIn? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • Why LinkedIn restricts your connection requests and limits your lead flow—and why that can get you more clients. (4:31)
  • How to get more reach with short text posts than others get with long videos. (10:23)
  • The simple way to get more clients than LinkedIn celebrities (even if your content only gets 3 likes). (13:09)
  • How flexing a fancy barbecue on LinkedIn attracts more clients than detailed stock market analysis. (17:40)

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