Tax Planning is Becoming More Critical to Advisors’ Practices


Recorded at the T3 Advisor Conference 2022.  Presented by:

Advisorpedia Interviewed Chris Field, Chief Growth Officer at Holistiplan, at the T3 Advisor Conference in May, 2022.

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One of the biggest challenges advisors have historically faced is that every client has taxes. And yet advisors have typically moved all those questions over to the CPA, which is great. But CPAs are usually doing tax preparation. They're ensuring accuracy, not efficiency. And so there's been a need for clients to have these important tax planning conversations. But they've often felt out of their league in doing so or it's been a super manually intensive process. . .

And that's really the problem that holistic plan set out to solve was, how do we take what has been a very heavy manual process? automate it, leverage technology to make it easier for every advisor? Yeah, so we launched about two and a half years ago founded by two CFPs, who wanted to solve this problem for themselves and then share the solution.

And just last week, we announced that we'd hit 10,000 users on the software, which is super exciting.

And yesterday at the T3 conference here, they announced that we were again the number one tax planning software and had one of the highest user ratings across the 800 software surveyed in the report.

So it's been a really fun week for us and I think validation how important this tool is, and how many advisors are realizing that tax planning is becoming more and more critical to their practice.