It's More Important Than Ever to Enhance Your Network Security

Written by: Kevin Gardner

Companies nowadays use digital devices and systems to manage their information. Although this approach has increased access to information, it has also led to many cases of cyber crime and data threats. It is essential to have cyber security measures in your organization to prevent cyber threats. Here are ways of enhancing your security.

Use Strong Passwords

Avoid using weak passwords, which are easy to guess. Inform your employees that they should stop using birthday dates, anniversary dates, or pet names as passwords. Observe the rule of 8-12 characters with a combination of small and capital letters, symbols, and numbers. Never write down a password. If your company deals with highly classified data, the passwords should be changed every 90 days or even less to enhance security. Every employee should have a username and password; avoid sharing a password. Ask your employees to log out every time they are not at their desks.

Get Professional Security Services

If your company handles sensitive data, it is advisable to get professionals to help you protect our network. Managed security services focus on preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber security threats. These services help you work in peace, knowing that your data is being monitored. With the security tools from the security service providers, any threats are detected and fixed quickly.

Encourage Employees to Report Unusual Emails

Most cyber crimes are conducted via emails and web links. You need to encourage your employees to report whenever they receive unusual emails. This is because most ransomware is usually introduced to the system after an employee clicks a potentially harmful email attachment. Take time to train your employees on how to identify malicious behavior and how to mitigate them.

Also, invite experts to your company to guide your employees on the best practices for digital security. Most business owners are afraid of data threats from outside, but at times insiders can accelerate the threat. If your team is well informed about data security and the importance of reporting unusual activities, you can significantly increase data security.

Install Antivirus Protection

Antivirus and anti-malware software should be a top priority in your company. Have an IT team help you install and update the software regularly. Antivirus software identifies a threat before it even gets into the system and prevents it from spreading. The security software is essential for all types of businesses.

Put a Strong Firewall

A firewall protects your network by managing the internet traffic into and out of your company’s website. Cyber criminals, however, might find different ways of circumventing firewalls to misuse sensitive data. Thus, it is advisable to establish a secure firewall that is hard to manipulate.

Encrypt Data

Nowadays, people love working from the comfort of their home, office, or coffee shop. This means that they often work using personal phones, laptops, and tablets, which may not be protected like the desktop in the office. It is crucial to ensure that data is stored in an encrypted format, and it remains encrypted whenever they are moving around.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi

At times you or your employees want to finish some work at a coffee shop in the evening while catching up with friends. If you have to do so, avoid using the Wi-Fi at the shop. This is risky because it is possible to integrate two devices that are sharing an internet connection. A cyber criminal in the coffee shop can easily access your data, hack your system, or install malware. Warn your employees from using public Wi-Fi whenever they are accessing the company’s network.

Limit Data Access

It is crucial to limit data access if you want to improve data security. Organizations should restrict what an employee can access and ensure no other unusual activity is taking place. If you have many employees, controlled access to information is necessary. This is because some employees can be spies hired by competitors. Limit access to sensitive data and let a few trusted employees handle it.

In today’s world, cyber security is a significant concern. Implementing these tips can help you protect your system from cyber security threats.

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