Entering the Third Wave of Financial Advice with Tony Stich

Tony Stich is the chief operating officer at Advicent (you may know him as “Mr. Purple”). After seeing a drastic increase in clients making updates to their financial plans during the COVID-19 pandemic, his company took the unprecedented step of making NaviPlan available for free.

In this episode of Power Your Advice, Doug Heikkinen and Tony discuss the driving forces behind Advicent’s decision to give NaviPlan away, their latest research on technology and advice in the COVID-19 era, and what they think the future holds for both.

  • How COVID-19 upended the industry and forced us to deliver advice differently
  • How clients are interacting with and involving their advisors as a result
  • We are entering the third wave of financial advice – what does that mean?
  • How clients’ expectations of technology and digital interaction with their advisor are changing
  • Why it is important for advisors take both their company’s and their technology providers’ long-term visions into account when upgrading or buying new technology 

Resources: NaviPlan by Advicent 

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