Choosing Accessible FinTech Apps for Visually Impaired Clients

Two factors to consider when choosing accessible fintech apps for visually impaired clients

Advisors are being told that connecting with potential clients through in-person office appointments could become a thing of the past. But what happens when a visually impaired client contacts you to request your services? Here are some things to consider when choosing apps, websites and software tools to conduct business with your current and potential clients.

User convenience is the primary reason for the fast growth of fintech apps. You can be a leader in your industry when you ensure the apps you use are accessible to people with disabilities. If you use accessible investment apps, your visually impaired clients are more likely to work with you over a longer period of time. They will appreciate your willingness to find the tools they need and will be less likely to switch advisors.

Accessible fintech apps  allow clients with vision loss to manage their finances in the comfort of their homes. Screen readers such as Voiceover on IOS devices or Google’s Talkback on Android devices make it possible for your visually impaired clients to browse financial apps and make their selection through various finger taps. People with low vision use screen readers to securely check account balances, make payments and transfer funds between accounts with little or no assistance from a sighted friend or colleague. With the ever increasing enhancements to voice recognition software, clients will be able to use the voice assistant on their mobile devices or smart speakers with Amazon Alexa or Google home to conduct financial transactions through voice commands or requesting the assistance of a chatbot. But how can you find out if the app you use to conduct business with your clients on a regular basis is accessible to the visually impaired?

Testing your chosen fintech apps for accessibility can be done in three ways. Searching the  AppleVis website for specific apps available on IOS, iPad OS and Mac OSX devices is a valuable resource.  Use the site to browse for app categories, and click on the link of an app to see a review written by an AppleVis user. This information includes the app developer’s description, links to the app on the app store and accessibility content.

Visually impaired clients can give you feedback about the accessibility of the apps you use. They can make sure all page elements, form fields, links and buttons are clearly labeled for use with the built-in screen reading software, or color coded and labeled for easy access to low vision users. If you do not have visually impaired clients, the trained accessibility testers at Outlook Business Solutions can provide you with a detailed accessibility review of the app you want to use.

Composed of professionals with vision loss, Outlook Business Solutions provides accessibility testing for organizations and companies. Skilled technicians – people with disabilities – test various aspects of your online/digital platforms and provide suggestions you can implement to ensure your content meets ADA and WCAG guidelines. We can help you make sure your website can be used by the disabled, giving you an opportunity to expand your client base. Visit our accessibility services page to learn more.

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