5 Technological Advancements You Shouldn't Miss Out On

Technology is always changing and advancing, so you need to make sure you keep an eye on it and determine if and when to adopt certain emerging technologies that may be beneficial to you. Here are five technological advancements you shouldn't miss out on.

1. Remote Transfer Switch Interfaces

Not all technological advancements are flashy and not every flashy new technological trend will be important for you to adopt right away or at all. In many cases, you should follow more lowkey, smaller technological advancements that support the more powerful or more obvious ones. It's important to make sure you incorporate technology that is important to the health and advancement of your company, no matter how much publicity it has. A good example of this is the remote transfer switch interface, or annunciator. An annunciator oversees your remote transfer switches and allows you to monitor them remotely, supporting your ethernet capability and power supply across multiple locations.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain has expanded from exclusively being used in relation to cryptocurrency. It's begun to move into more traditional sources of commerce and transactions, such as banking, real estate and various types of insurance. This is because blockchain allows for highly transparent records of activity and transactions. Blockchain is, at its core, a type of information system. This means it can be leveraged to manage records and supply chains, ensure the transmission of electronic contracts or verify all aspects of a transaction, including purchases, orders and receipts.

3. 5G Computing

This is the current newcomer in wireless connectivity and computing. With 5G, users can connect to websites or other users much more quickly and with far less disruption or lag than with previous generations of wireless technology. More devices can connect to each other than previous generations, using less energy and fewer resources. The computing hubs and servers for 5G tend to be far less expensive than those available for previous wireless technology generations as well. This means more consumers will be able to connect to the internet and more businesses will be able to ensure their employees can connect even when wifi isn't available.

4. Artificial Intelligence

One of the most well-known technological advancements is artificial intelligence (AI). AI refers to a set of programs and algorithms that are capable of learning how to do various tasks and then perform them autonomously. Some of these tasks include making decisions, collecting data and developing predictions and insights based on collected data. AI is particularly versatile because it can be utilized by businesses and consumers alike in many different ways.

Consumers may find AI-powered virtual assistants in their homes or on their mobile devices useful because these assistants can recognize visuals and speech to predict what a user wants or needs. They can also perform mundane computing tasks, such as scheduling and setting reminders. In the business and industrial worlds, the automation afforded by AI can be leveraged to control robots, enter and sort data, perform security tasks and assist in strategy development.

5. Edge Computing

Edge computing is an essential technological advancement related to supporting the cloud and the internet of things (IoT). This new advancement in computing will enable the cloud to move past current issues such as latency, bandwidth and security, caused by the highly centralized nature of current cloud computing and internet structure. With edge computing, you'll be able to make sure your device can compute near a dataset's source, rather than connecting to a centralized data center. This is where edge computing gets its name, from computing at the edges of the cloud, rather than at the center. Doing so will speed up computing and allow you to improve your security and connectivity.

Some emerging technologies are going to be useful across all or multiple industries and for consumers. Others will be useful for specific industries. You should figure out which areas of technological advancement will be most useful for you as an individual or to your company or industry and follow those technology types or trends to stay updated on them.

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