Why Investors Shouldn't Be Afraid of Volatility

The inspiration for today’s episode came from a headline in Financial Advisor Magazine: “Market Volatility May Be Behind 47% Rise In FINRA Cases.”Did you read that article from June 22nd? Mark Pearson did. Now he’s weighing in on the issue.Why has market volatility possibly caused a surge in FINRA arbitration cases this year? Do investors have unrealistic expectations for performance?

Have they lost sight of what the market really is?

Related: The Falling Star: Is There an Overreliance on Morningstar’s Rating System?Mark addresses these questions and more.In this episode, Mark makes a case for why volatility and risk are not synonymous. With his characteristically outspoken and passionate approach, Mark emphasizes why it’s essential to know what you own and why you own it—and why he believes that some investors stay away from this philosophy.Tune in for an exciting episode that will challenge your performance expectations and beliefs about volatility.