Perfect Storm Trends Are Alive in the Blockchain Space

Remember the investment atmosphere of the late ‘90s? The dotcom boom? It was precursored by people buying a lot of PCs (that came with modems), online access became affordable, browser software became accessible, the World Wide Web became real.

Similar perfect storm trends are alive in the #blockchain space; #NFTs, the #Metaverse#stablecoins#DeFi#DAOs.

Here is a list of the VC investments in blockchain in the last two weeks:*

  • Immutable, focused on trading NFTs raised $60M
  • Jump Capital, Chicago VCs raised a $350M crypto fund
  • RECUR, an NFT platform, raised $50M
  • DeFiLand, a farm-themed game, raised $4.1M
  • Cere Network, a decentralized cloud platform, raised $3M
  • ZEBEDEE, a bitcoin payment startup, raised $11.5M
  • UXD Protocol, a stablecoin provider, raised $3M
  • Oddup, a crypto data provider, raised $12.8M
  • SIMBA Chain, a blockchain technology company, raised $25M
  • AnChain.AI, a blockchain security company, raised $10M

This data comes from Hannah Miller's great Crypto Global newsletter at The Information.

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