Are NFTs a Fad or the Future? with Jesse Krieger

Not that long ago, we were all trying to wrap our collective heads around this thing called Bitcoin and how it was promising to revolutionize the way we all pay for goods and services. And now, before we’ve really even come to a consensus on whether cryptocurrencies are a digital currency, a store of value, an investment asset class, or something else entirely, the conversation has shifted to a different form of digital gold called an NFT.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge is joined by Jesse Krieger, Chief Content Officer at, an NFT minting platform for authors and other content creators, allowing them to create and sell exclusive works directly to their audience. Jesse discusses the ways in which cryptocurrency and NFTs differ, how NFTs are changing the narrative of the creative marketplace, and the potential impact NFTs have on ownership and artist royalties.

Jesse Krieger discusses:

  • The key differences between many of the more popular blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and their individual purposes in the marketplace
  • The higher income potential for artists and creators that distribute their content direct to consumers via NFTs
  • PowerFan’s ability to help create and distribute content as an NFT and their accessibility to credit cardholders
  • The multiple use cases for NFTs and the ways in which the space might evolve
  • And more

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