Ken Unger

Ken Unger, Founder of APFA The Academy of Preferred Financial Advisor’s, is a highly-respected industry veteran. With over 30+ years of experience, he is known throughout the financial industry for his knowledge, enthusiasm and high energy level. He is widely recognized by audiences of financial advisors nationwide for sharing efficient practice management strategies and effective sales and marketing ideas. His past experiences include: successfully forming and directing some of the industry’s finest internal and external sales organizations, structuring and negotiating financial products, and launching both a proprietary mutual fund and variable annuity.

Ken’s well-rounded 30+ year background includes tenures as Vice President of Shearson Lehman Hutton, Vice President of Connecticut Mutual Financial Services (the broker dealer affiliate of Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance), and Senior Vice President of Boston Capital (a financial services product distributor). He is continually sought after to motivate and educate and has been a featured, keynote or guest speaker at several hundred industry meetings and conferences. He has held over 1,000 client seminars and has provided insights and help to some of the industry’s best producers.

While Ken Unger is highly esteemed for his ability to explain everything from financial products to sales techniques with strength and clarity, he is well-known for his infectiously high energy levels. His focus and drive are not diminished after working hours are over either – in fact, Ken has completed the Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago marathons. Ken consistently maintains the highest ethical standards and served as a board member of the NASD (District 11 Committee). He is a graduate of Cornell University. Learn more here.

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