Carol Marak

Carol Marak earned a Fundamentals of Gerontology Certificate from the USC Davis School of Gerontology and advocates on behalf of older adults and family caregivers. She simplifies elder care research into doable know-how and steps for family caregivers. Research and data are her specialties. She knows caregivers are busy enough and have little time to interpret the how-to and advice from the experts in aging care. And she encourages families to challenge the dreaded, emotional runoff that surfaces when caring for a loved one. She helped her parents adjust to growing old. So many family challenges when giving care to an older relative. We faced sibling conflicts and oppositions, time-consuming medical care, Alzheimer's disease, chronic conditions and care, emergency room visits, transplanting a parent to a nursing home, and dealing with Medicaid. Throughout all, she worked full-time and balanced long-distance caregiving. Learn more here .

Stories by Carol Marak

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