Anna Radomska

Anna's passion for drawing evolved into a fascination with colorful lines and shapes, which later inspired her interest in the stock market. Her academic and early professional life were characterized by intense study and a strong desire to master stock market analysis, as she pursued a career in banking and finance, following her mother’s footsteps.

Gaining recognition in the field, she contributed to industry-leading websites in the USA, Canada, and Great Britain and supported premium trading services at Sunshine Profits.  Anna developed a unique trading system, embodying her belief that being a profitable investor or analyst is a lifelong journey, constantly adapting to the dynamic nature of the markets.

Anna now runs the Oil Trading Alerts for Golden Meadow (formerly Sunshine Profits), which have become reader favorites. Her analyses cover a wide spectrum of the energy sector, ranging from crude oil and natural gas, to uranium companies and green energy. Anna’s unique strength lies in being able to break down the confusing mass of data into easily understood terms.

Stories by Anna Radomska