How Advisors Can Present Clients with a Feel Good Opportunity

As advisors well know, the standard for traditional capitalism has long been, at least from the client perspective, returns. As in how much money is an advisor making for clients and how good of a job the advisor is doing at preserving wealth.

Due in large part to the evolution and increasing accessibility of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments and investors making virtue and values part of the investment evaluation process, clients want exposure to assets providing intent and purpose.

Said another way, capitalism is evolving to include more stakeholders and clients are hip to this trend. They want solid returns and allocations that reflect personal values.

Perhaps to the surprise of some clients, real estate can be part of the virtuous investment lexicon. Whether its through more green buildings or real estate with a social purpose, the asset class is increasingly credible as an avenue for clients looking to do right in their portfolios and in the world at large. Just look at the True Life Companies.

Making the American Dream Accessible

It's often said that the American dream, at least one of them, is home ownership. However, in many desirable locations across the U.S., that dream is getting further and further away from reality for millions of Americans. True Life aims to change that while providing investment opportunities.

The company “with property owners, investment partners, municipalities and local communities, we repurpose under-utilized commercial property to a vital residential use, bringing new life, new energy and renewed economic opportunity to the communities in which we work,” according to True Life.

When it comes to investing with intent and purpose and for outcomes that can positively benefit more constituencies than just investors, True Life Companies checks those boxes.

“True Life takes a unique approach to helping solve the country's housing crisis. Home prices, labor and material costs have pushed affordability out of reach for many would be homeowners. True Life approaches this challenge form an entirely different perspective, seeking to repurpose underutilized commercial property for residential use. In many communities, this may result in killing two birds with one stone, revitalizing the commercial areas by removing supply and potentially adding demand,” says Douglas Blake, managing director – investment services at Kingswood U.S.

As Blake notes, True Companies' active properties are in California – always a desirable real estate market – and Colorado, which is one of the fastest-growing states in the country. The company's exposure to California is potentially compelling for advisors and clients not only because that's the largest state by population, but also because the state is finally addressing arguably the worst housing crisis in the U.S.

“California is taking the necessary steps to put a dent in their housing shortage through 2030. Right now the demand for housing is monumental, according to The California Department of Housing and Community Development, California needs between 1.8 million to 3.5 million units to meet its housing shortage,” notes True Life.

Real Estate with Intent

Real estate is often thought of as the territory of cut-throat deal makers and moguls – not exactly the feel good, do right crowd.

Fortunately, those attitudes are changing and thanks to the True Life Companies, advisors can finally present clients with a feel good, outcome-rich real estate offering.

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