What Do Investors Want to Talk About With Their Financial Advisor?

The Spectrem Group has released new research revealing EXACTLY which topics investors want to discuss with their financial advisors. This week, Samantha Russell, CMO at Twenty Over Ten, is diving into the findings and summing up how they should impact your firm's marketing strategy.

These were the most popular choices amongst investors surveyed:

1. Investments

2. Income during retirement

3. Current economic events and their impact on one's wealth

4. Estate planning

Take the opportunity to use these results to your advantage. Ensure that you are covering these topics not only one-on-one with clients, but also in your content marketing strategy. Establish yourself as a thought leader in topics that investors WANT to hear about, and you will attract more prospects.

On the other side, these were the least popular topics:

1. Health-related issues for parents, grandparents, and children

2. Insurance

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