Tips for Selecting the Right Marketing Automation Platform

Written by: Kevin Gardner

Modern automation software is an effective tool for marketing your product or brand around the globe. While automation can make a task easier, it is not magic. You need to understand that an automated marketing platform can help with several marketing tasks; however, the job of digital marketers to work and nurture leads and turn them into customers is still essential. While automation software can help streamline the marketing process and help with customer relationship management, it cannot do all this alone.

When it is time to choose any type of automation software, from marketing automation to sales automation solutions, there are certain things to consider and think about. Keep reading to learn what to consider when looking for the right software solution.

Strength of the MAP

You must learn about the tools and features offered by a platform. Will it support automation for referrals, affiliates, webinars, email, e-commerce, social media, blogging, digital ads, content development, and SMS? You should also consider if there are features to serve independent lead capture forms, demography marketing segmentation, landing pages, SEO, drag, and drop for programming and coding, and more.

The platform you choose should help you track various user interactions on your website, track leads, offer A/B testing options, and more.

Scalable, Customizable, and Easy-to-Use

You should find out how user-friendly the platform is for the whole office. Also, what kind and level of training are necessary for your team to start using the platform? This is crucial since training is typically required before new software can be implemented and used in a business setting.


The marketing platform you choose should be customized to your specific business needs. Making sure that customization is possible will ensure you can use the platform to its full potential and take advantage of the offered features.


Finding out of the platform can upgrade and expand the features to handle growing users' communication, and the growth of your business is essential. Usually, most automation software is designed to be scalable because they use a SaaS model.

CRM Integration

Your marketing automation platform is going to work best if it can integrate with your CRM. Both your sales and marketing teams need to work together to close any potential business deal. You need a platform that is aligned with your current CRM system to make sure the sales are nurtured using the proper marketing tactics and proper reporting and tracking.

The goal of marketing is to drive customer interest. However, your marketing components will be more effective when they are working together. Before selecting the software to use, determine what automation platforms go past CRM integration to offer other opportunities, such as aligning your MAP with your social media management solutions.

API Access

Select a platform that provides an Application Programming Interface (API) access because, down the road, it can help you link your system with other apps. This is an important consideration but something that many businesses overlook when it comes to a marketing automation platform.

The Cost of the MAP

All marketing automation software will require an investment. Usually, the program's cost includes the initial set-up fee, on-site training for your team, fees for usage (more users require a higher monthly fee), and in some cases, the service providers will charge more when the leads that are achieved are so much higher.

Make sure to figure out what you need automated and then determine your budget. Try to find the MAP that will suit your needs and your price.

Customer Support

With marketing automation, you need to consider customer support carefully. You need someone to contact to answer queries, troubleshoot problems, and more. It is a good idea to select a platform that will provide the most hours for an email response, chat support, and phone support.

Features Needed

Every business is unique when it comes to automation needs. While bigger companies may need a program with all the "bells and whistles," a smaller company may have fewer automation needs. It is important to consider your business's needs to determine what features are required.

When selecting the right marketing automation software for your business, you have to consider all the factors here. This will help you choose the program that best suits your needs and provides you with the solutions required. Keep this in mind to make the right decision for your business.

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