5 Simple But Powerful Changes You Can Make To Your Company

Some organizational tools can help you make your workforce stronger and more efficient. Here are five things that you can do to help your staff do their best work and improve your company’s overall operations.

1. Track Maintenance and Janitorial Projects

Work order tracking is vital to companies who specialize in service management, but it can benefit virtually every type of company. Using work orders software can help you make sure that important maintenance and janitorial requests are relayed and completed in a timely manner. Staff who need help will have a convenient and readily accessible way to access it without having to take a lot of time away from what they're doing. Maintenance and janitorial staff can receive requests with minimal interruption to ongoing projects. In addition, tasks can be assigned different priority statuses and deadlines, so it will clear what tasks need to be finished first.

2. Create Shared Calendars

When you have shared calendars to help people keep track of things that affect an entire department or the whole company, you’ll create a more organized workforce. Deadlines won’t be missed because everyone will be aware of them. Also, people can know when their colleagues will be away from the office or taking vacation time, so it can help prevent overlapping time-off requests that could otherwise leave you short staffed. In addition, staff can have the option of sharing their individual calendars or time management app schedules with one another so people can stay up-to-date on what everyone else is doing.

3. Use Time Management Programs

All personnel can benefit from a tool that will help them to manage their time as effectively as possible. Give your staff access to time management apps that offer more features than a typical calendar. They can plan out their days with an eye towards maximizing productivity, set reminders, and assign themselves goals and deadlines to complete individual agenda items. Moreover, your staff can self-analyze how much time they spend on different types of tasks or projects. If they see that they’re spending too much time on certain things, they can restructure their days differently or check in with supervisors for guidance about how to better manage their time.

4. Utilize Project Management Software

Another fantastic way to help your staff stay connected is providing them with a software program that’s geared towards collaborating on projects. When your team is working on a big project with a lot of different moving pieces, things can get lost in the shuffle. People may become unclear about who’s responsible for doing each part of a project or when things need to be completed. Project management software helps people stay in constant communication and share their work. A project manager can assign responsibility for key pieces and get continual updates about project completion.

5. Outsource Human Resources Tasks

There are many aspects of human resources management that can take up a lot of staff time but don’t necessarily require the attention of people working within the company. While you may wish to keep some human resources functions in-house there are a lot of tasks that may be better to outsource to a company that specializes in human resources activities such as recruiting, onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll. Working with a third-party company ensures that human resources matters are handled consistently and are compliant with any applicable state and federal regulations pertaining to employment law. Ultimately, out-sourcing may be more cost effective, and your staff will be able to spend their time on other activities that are integral to your company’s operations.

Enhancing efficiency and staying organized can create innumerable benefits for your company and your individual staff members. Streamlining project and time management, fostering good communication, and giving your staff’s needs the attention that they deserve will strengthen your workforce and improve your company culture. People will feel more confident about how they do their work, and they’ll be better equipped to get the things that they need to do it.

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