Will A.I. Put Copywriters Out of Business?


You hear a lot of discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) programs putting copywriters out of business.

Should you fear for your professional life?

Today I’m sharing insights into the topic which I don’t think I’ve heard other copywriters talk about.

Specifically, I’ll reveal the which copywriters are at risk… and the one thing I do to virtually guarantee your “job security” as AI becomes more prevalent.

We’re already seeing entrepreneurs use artificial intelligence programs to write some of their basic descriptive copy and informational content.

The programs have options to write FB ads and emails, too. So they’re designed to be used for selling purposes. They’re just not creative, or original, and they aren’t great at eliciting emotion.

The programs don’t create, per se. They use machine learning to curate, mix and match.

As far as I can tell, we’re far from any of these programs being able to independently come up with a unique “big idea” for copy or content and write in a way that generates a unique thought.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be used to attempt to write effective selling copy.

Now, I still think it will be some time before AI has widespread adoption, even for simple copy. Not every business even has a website in 2021!

Still, I believe machine learning/artificial intelligence will start edging out more and more copywriters in the months and years ahead.

The capabilities of these AI programs may not live up to the hype… but the hype is what’s making (and going to make) entrepreneurs buy them.

Meaning that you’ll see AI being used to write sales copy, even if it’s not all that compelling. Many users won’t really know how to tell the difference, or they’ll simply “trust the science.”

Again, watch the video to see how I recommend staying safe from the Skynet of copywriting.

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