Why Branding Is Important for Financial Advisors

If you think brand is just about a color palette and logo, this is for you! 

Phil Edelstein from PHL Branding (www.phlbranding.com), a brand and marketing consultant specialized in the financial services industry, joined me to share his perspective on what is brand and why it matters in business. 

Learn how big, successful companies think about and use brand to ground and support everything they do. Long-term growth and impactful marketing and sales success require a thoughtful approach to and implementation of a firm's brand.   

In this video we discuss: 

  • What is brand
  • The 4-steps to identifying your brand
  • A commonly missed but essential step in implementing a successful brand
  • How you can measure success
  • A lot more!  

This conversation is for:

  • Small to large advisory firms, RIAs and financial advisors and asset managers looking more consistent and impactful marketing and messaging
  • Anyone who wants to stand out and connect with the right audience for the right reasons 

Visit www.phlbranding.com to connect with Phil and get help with your brand and marketing efforts. 

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