What I Learned From 60 Advisor Website Reviews In 4 Days

Imagine how many more clients you would have—and how much more moolah you would make—if you were able to convince a fraction of your website visitors to book an appointment. 

Think you could add an extra $20k, $50k, or even $100k to your income? Me too.  Well, I have good news:  I spent four days reviewing 60 different financial advisor websites. And in this episode, I reveal the most common mistakes I saw, so you can avoid them.  Want to reach your income goals with ease? Listen now. 

  • Show highlights include: 2 dirt-simple questions your website must answer if you want to book more appointments with high-quality leads (3:57) 
  • Why using vague phrases like “achieve financial freedom” on your website sends your ideal clients to your competitors (4:22) 
  • How to book more appointments and land more clients from your website by acting like a plumber (5:56)
  • The “Pepperoni Pizza” rule for magnetizing high-quality leads to your appointment page (7:46) 
  • How to improve your visitor-to-appointment ratio by gutting half of your website’s content (10:41) 
  • The 3 most popular website pages which determine if someone hires you or your competitor (14:44)

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