What Do Your Clients Actually Want? 8 Mindsets That Transform Conversations With Colleen Bowler

If there’s one thing we could get advisors to stop doing in 2023? Sending clients market commentaries! 

Your clients already expect you to be the expert in that area. So, what’s actually important to them? 

In this episode, Matt Halloran talks to Colleen Bowler, a coach with Strategic Coach and Partner at C&J Innovations. Colleen shares the eight mindsets that go beyond finances and encompass all areas of your clients’ lives. Once you know exactly what matters to your clients, you can serve them better —  and create content that attracts more people like them.

Colleen discusses:

  • What happens when advisors move away from conversations about “how great our firm is” and start asking, “what does my client really want?
  • Eight mindsets that’ll help you choose the right clients and build lasting relationships
  • How understanding these mindsets helps you create unbelievably engaging content
  • And more

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