What Do Influential People Know That You Don’t?

Do you know what else they know? They know how to sound smart, and they know that nobody was born a perfect communicator

They know that everything they want to do well (tennis, anyone?, playing an instrument, marketing, IT, legal studies, etc.) has to be learned and practiced repeatedly. They know they have to continue to put into practice all the techniques necessary to be influential.

They’ve studied and put to practice the art of being persuasive. They’ve mastered the ability to translate their thoughts into words. They design well-crafted sentences in the spur of the moment. They learned how to speak authoritatively and they can be assertive without being rude. All because they learned the necessary techniques and practiced them.

They can easily speak up in meetings. They don’t let fear stop them. Public speaking is like second nature to them. They’ve made learning how to deliver bad news a priority in their lives. 

None of this is taught in school so they had to go out of their way to seek it out.

Most have even trained with a coach.

We live in an ultra-competitive environment. 

And training with a speaker coach is something very few people talk about. 

I’ve been training people to be incredible conversationalists (and to be persuasive, sound intelligent, articulate their thoughts into words, be concise, improve the sound of their speaking voice, the whole 9 yards) for twenty-five years.

Some folks brag about me and tell everyone about my training. 🙂 Thank you, guys! 

But most people tell me they’re going to keep it to themselves as a secret weapon. Do I feel sad about that? Yes, but, hey, we live in an ultra-competitive society, and they need that edge.

Maybe you’re as good as that other Marketer, but they crushed that job interview merely by talking, so they got the job.

Maybe you’re even a better lawyer than your competition, but they spoke clearly and persuasively, so they got the job. (Which lawyer would you hire?)

You wanted that promotion, but sparkly Susie got it. Who does she know?


It’s not who she knows; it’s what she knows. And that is: How to be an influential person. She knows how to get others to see things her way.

Crossing your fingers, closing your eyes, and hoping to be incredibly influential.

So if crossing your fingers and holding your breath isn’t working, it’s time to start learning the techniques yourself. 

You can:

DIY with my new and improved blog articles:)  Pair them with some micro-sessions and you’ll be on your way to sounding incredible in a very short time!

Independent study with The Voice Spa and The Executive Communicator and The Perfect Accent

 Take individual classes with me!

Or any combination of the above. Let us guide you to become a relaxed, confident, well-spoken communicator in all high-stakes situations. 

How to Make Your Speaking Voice Sound Better

When you need to be influential

You don’t only need to be influential in super high-stakes situations like job interviews or asking for funding on Shark Tank! No! Everything that comes out of your mouth is intended to influence others.

When you speak in a meeting you want people to accept your ideas. Even if it’s a virtual meeting. When you speak to your friends you want them to think you’re smart and interesting.

We’re not always trying to manipulate someone to take out the trash for us. That’s not what influence is all about. 

It’s about having warm, successful relationships with the people in our lives.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills at Work

How to be influential.

Being influential is a skill you can learn, it’s not an inherent characteristic.

  1. Be calm, cool, and collected.
  2. Be concise when speaking.
  3. Be an excellent listener.
  4. Use a magnetic voice.
  5. Improve your body language.
  6. Use a varied intonation pattern.
  7. Be warm and smile.

If you want to have more influence over others you must practice the above. When you’re speaking in a meeting on a topic in your wheelhouse, you have a right to be influential! 

If you’re sharing your ideas with others, you want people to listen to you and to find you credible and authoritative. That is your right. Learning to be influential is not evil. Unless you’re trying to get others to do something immoral or unethical. Please don’t do that! Use these skills for the good of mankind! 🙂 

How to be influential in high-stakes situations.

Did you ever notice that you’re a smooth operator when you’re ordering food or talking to someone you feel comfortable with?

But then when there’s something you really want, and you don’t know if you’re going to get it you start to stumble and sound a bit less confident?

Ain’t that ironic? There’s no need to be influential when you’re ordering food and drink, but when you’re trying to get others to follow your call to action at work you’re not exactly pulling it off!

You’re not alone! It happens to everyone! But do make sure you learn how to be relaxed and how to breathe. Make sure you practice the specific techniques to be persuasive during high-stakes situations.