This One Thing Will Determine Your Success or Failure In Marketing

Every financial advisor I’ve met shares a similar personality trait. This personality trait is the lifeblood of your business. But it’s also the downfall of your marketing efforts. 

What’s this personality trait?  Analytical thinking!

You need to think analytically to best serve your clients. But it also causes your marketing to fall on deaf ears. In this episode, you’ll discover how your analytical mind sabotages your marketing.

And how a simple mindset shift can make every marketing campaign more profitable (and fun). 

Listen now.  Show highlights include:

  • The cold, hard truth about why 90% of financial advisors suck at marketing (and how to fix it) (2:20) 
  • Why starting a podcast will devour your time and money without resulting in new clients (and a simple tweak for using your podcast to magnetize your ideal clients) (2:59) 
  • How to improve every marketing campaign you run by studying water (3:19) 
  • The counterintuitive reason your analytical mind makes marketing almost impossible (even if it helps you serve your clients) (4:07) 
  • Why a mediocre LinkedIn page converts at a higher rate than an amazing profile (4:45) 
  • How worrying about your marketing metrics sabotages your results (10:49) 
  • Why the economics of being a financial advisor gives you an unfair marketing advantage (13:04)

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