The Productivity Pitfalls of Working from Home in the COVID-19 Era

Written by: Souki Fournier

By now, and almost 9 months into this global pandemic, your employees have probably gotten quite accustomed to the working from home set up. Whether they live alone, with a partner, or with kids, despite how unusual this has been, they’ve been working from home long enough to have developed some sort of work routine.  

Even though we can all attest to the benefits of a consistent work routine, can the same be said about productivity levels? Granted you’ve been doing all the right things with daily conference calls, proactive communication, and constantly checking on your team, how much has this global pandemic affected their productivity? And how can you as a leader accelerate your team’s productivity as the world is still navigating these uncharted territories?

Understanding your team’s environment

Before you start drafting leadership strategies to win over this productivity pitfall, know your people and their environment. What do we mean by that?

Your team who’s been working from home for months now is subject to different factors in their environment that may be causing this productivity halt. They’ve been deprived of their office space, have most likely converted a dining table into a working desk, and some of them are managing their kids at the same time.

In addition, you need to know your team members at a much deeper level. You may not be in control of their home working environment, but you have the ability to use and apply behavioral insights to get their productivity to climb again. You see, every person has a strong behavioral trait that can be leveraged to boost productivity, understanding is the key to success.

Consider a scientific approach

In-person collaboration is necessary for creativity and innovation. It also enables you as a leader to better understand your team, what drives them, what motivates them, and what kills their productivity.

When we first developed our DNA Behavior Natural Discovery services, our purpose has always been to guide people to make behaviorally SMART decisions based on our 500+ behavioral insights that we’ve accumulated over the years. However, in today’s COVID-19 era, you might think that investing in our natural discovery services will lack efficiency because we wouldn’t be able to physically be in your offices and interact with your team.

Well, let us start by clarifying that the accuracy of our behavioral natural discovery has less to do with in-person collaboration and more with scientifically based data gathering. Our natural behavior discovery process has been completed in 123+ countries and in 11 languages and maintains an overall 91% reliability. It is a proven method and has the potential to not only spike your team’s productivity but also transform your business.

What can you do today?

In a time of uncertainty, we can all at least agree that this will not last and that there will come a time where your team won’t have to work from home anymore. If productivity is a concern for you today, do not wait until that time comes to address it. You need to start right now.

You see, as a leader, your duties are quite similar to those of a matchmaker. You take a person with their scientifically discovered talents and behaviors and match them with the right tasks and responsibilities. The right match empowers the person and inspires them to work harder and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

If you are ready to invest in profiling the behavioral styles of your team members, schedule a consultation today Lisa and let us help you take the guess out of the equation and build your team up for success.

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