The Pitfalls of Video Prospecting

While we were transforming one of our clients to use social as a mechanism to sell, their marketing team went off and ran a campaign using video. I have to say, we advised them not to do this, but they went ahead. 

They got a VP from their business to make 100 videos that they inmailed to senior executives in prospect accounts. As you can imagine, making 100 x 2 minute videos for the VP was pretty time consuming, marketing used his LinkedIn profile (just be aware using somebody else's Linkedin profile is against LinkedIn's terms and conditions) to send the videos.

The results?

2 were opened, 98 were ignored. No meetings were generated and no business closed. 

The problem you face with video

The problem everybody faces today, if it's just another cold call, just another cold email or just another video if you don't know the person then it's just interruption. You are also just the same as everybody else. It will be ignored and deleted. 

I should point out that this company used a professional video company so it wasn't the quality of the video. I'm sure these people are amazing at writing scripts and the VP was a great talker.

The problem you face today is that nobody likes to be sold to, this is not me being anti-sales, it is a psychological fact. The other problem you face is if you are using old fashioned techniques like this it makes you and your business look ...... old fashioned.

Regardless of the fact you might sell state of the art AI infused web3 Metaverse interface. 

Now Imagine .....

Imagine, I pick you up tomorrow in my car and drive you to a place which is full of your prospects and customers. All you have to do is go up and have a conversations with them.

Remember, social media is, social media. In the past you interrupted somebody with a cold call or an email and pitched your services. As social media is being social on media, interrupting and pitching does not work.

If I walked up to you at a social event and pitched, you would make your excuses and go and talk to somebody else. 

So how about tomorrow, I pick you up in my car and we go to a place where all your prospects are hanging out. You can stay as long as you want. All you have to do is have a conversation with them.

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